Will Donald Trump run for office again?

Will Donald Trump run for office again? The ex-president wants to know if Republicans want to block a return. He also can’t do without side-swipes against Joe Biden.

Palm Beach – Shortly before Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, Donald Trump landed in Florida on Air Force One. Ingloriously, Trump had said goodbye to the White House. Still Biden’s predecessor speaks of election fraud and publicly claims to be the rightful winner of the 2020 U.S. election. After riots by his radical supporters in the Capitol and in the course of a historic second impeachment trial, Donald Trump will go down in U.S. history as probably the most controversial president. But Donald Trump apparently does not want to leave it at this one, extremely memorable term in office.

Is Donald Trump already planning his comeback?

Hardly arrived in Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump is said to have already made several calls, as two insiders told “The Daily Beast” on Wednesday. The ex-president had inquired about the impeachment process and asked whether congressmen of the Republican Party would vote to exclude Trump from office forever.

In addition, Donald Trump wanted to know which lawyers would be particularly suitable for a defense in the Senate. The proceedings have not yet reached there, but the 100 senator:inside will soon decide whether Trump is guilty of deliberately inciting a riot in the Capitol with his statements. Inciting “lawless actions” (“lawless actions”) is not protected by freedom of speech, which is established by the First Amendment of the Constitution. 17 Trump’s party colleagues would have to approve impeachment for it to be effective.

Donald Trump arrives in Florida – and considers a comeback

In his last 48 hours in office, Donald Trump had also told his confidants that he was still considering running for U.S. president again – provided he is not barred from doing so by the Senate. “They still love me,” he reportedly said Tuesday of the Republican electorate. His former staffers and government officials, however, were reticent to comment on a possible comeback. Dan Coats, Trump’s ex-director of intelligence will “not delve into all that stuff.” Instead, he said, he looks to the future with hope that the new U.S. administration can deal with the Corona pandemic.

To more confidants, Donald Trump had seemed “like a depressed or at least somewhat broken man” on the way to Florida, despite his smiles for the cameras and his fans. He kept his eyes on the inauguration of Joe Biden at all times, he said. “I thought he looked a little sad. It was a very emotional morning for sure,” Stephen Moore, an economic adviser and confidant of the former president, told me. “People are sad to see him go. Those were his real supporters.” Moore also said he expects “Trumpism” to continue to play an important role in the Republican Party for years to come.

Donald Trump taunts Joe Biden

At the farewell, Donald Trump and his administration had proudly looked back on the past four years. But already in his first hours in office, Joe Biden reversed several of his predecessor’s decisions – for Trump’s advisory staff a sign that their political contributions to the U.S. will not never be preserved as hoped. Although, or because, for Donald Trump everything is currently going wrong that can go wrong, he could not refrain from further jibes against Joe Biden. The latter’s inauguration would be “boring.” Trump was also unsure whether his successor would even make it through the inaugural speech without getting bogged down.

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