Valve finds new eSports home

Valve CEO Gabe Newell is considering hosting future Dota2 and CS:GO events only in New Zealand. In addition, several games are currently in development.

The New Zealand TV station 1 NEWS had Valve owner and company founder Gabe Newell as a guest and elicited some explosive information from him. According to this, the Valve boss is currently in talks to host future eSports events in New Zealand.

New Zealand – New eSports Home of Dota2 & CS:GO?

In the house of Valve, one deals with the idea of hosting future Dota2 and CS:GO events only in New Zealand, as long as the Corona pandemic prevails. The considerations are becoming “more and more realistic,” according to Newell. As a result, Valve is considering hosting Dota2’s The International and all CS:GO major tournaments in New Zealand to provide optimal security for players and staff.

Newell himself, as well as many of his staff, have already moved to New Zealand for the start of the pandemic. They are currently discussing whether to even move the company’s headquarters from Seattle, Washington, USA, to New Zealand.

Many of these ideas can be traced back to the low Corona cases in the country. Since the first Corona wave in March 2020, New Zealand’s case numbers have been at a consistently low level. Only two to six people a week contract the virus on the island southeast of Australia. “For me, it’s hard to imagine setting up a personal eSports tournament anywhere else in the world right now other than New Zealand,” Newell explains.

New games in development at Valve

When asked if Valve has any new games in development, Newell replied, “We definitely have games in the works that we’re going to announce – it’s fun to release games.” He said the release of Half-Life: Alyx has led to more single-player games being developed again at the company. As is known, the Valve boss did not reveal which games these will be and when an announcement can be expected.

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