The archbishop of Wellington, Cardinal John Atcherley Dew, receives the previous bishop of Christchurch, Paul Martin, as a supporter and future successor at his side. The Vatican announced Martin’s appointment as so-called coadjutor by Pope Francis on New Year’s Day. Cardinal Archbishop Dew, now 72, served as coadjutor himself for […]

A wrong decision leads to the spectacular capsizing of the Americans during the America`s Cup qualification. The race organizers initially declare an emergency, but in the end the sinking boat still reaches the harbor. Finally, everything seemed clear: three defeats in a row, but then, with a freshening wind, the […]

Large-scale events are already possible again in the island state. Tens of thousands could celebrate together at the end of the year – without masks or minimum distance. In New Zealand, what is still dreamed of in Europe and America is already a reality. Because there, festivals as we know […]

Unknown persons may have stolen sensitive information in a cyberattack on the central bank in New Zealand. Who is behind the attack? According to its own information, the Central Bank of New Zealand has become the target of a hacker attack. Unknown persons had gained access to an external file-sharing […]

The foreign exchange market, or Forex, is the largest exchange market in the world (Lien, 2014) with an average daily volume in the trillions. The forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with an average of $2,000 billion traded daily . Rather than having […]

The term “Dorama” refers to locally produced live-action television series in both Japan and Korea, which usually contain 20 to 30 episodes and are part of the daily shows, as they are equivalent to soap operas. Thus, Doramas based on romance, drama, comedy, horror, etc. can be found. Nowadays, thanks […]