New Zealand: Festivals like in the past

Large-scale events are already possible again in the island state. Tens of thousands could celebrate together at the end of the year – without masks or minimum distance.

In New Zealand, what is still dreamed of in Europe and America is already a reality. Because there, festivals as we know them from the past are already possible. That is: large crowds, no mask requirement, no minimum distance. As NME reports, several major events of this kind took place in the island nation last week.

Between December 29 and 31, 2020, for example, has taken place the Rhythm and Vines, the largest festival in the country. Here, up to 20,000 fans gathered to celebrate together. They did not have to wear masks or pay attention to distances. This can be seen well in this video, which shows the last half hour of the festival on New Year’s Eve.

In the same period, the Rhythm and Alps festival celebrated its tenth anniversary with 10,000 participants*. And the Northern Bass Festival was also able to take place unhindered: It also turned 10 years old in 2020.

New Zealand compares favorably with other countries when it comes to dealing with the corona virus. The Foreign Office currently reports fewer than 50 active cases in the entire country. However, anyone dreaming of traveling there now to attend a festival will unfortunately have to put this dream out of their mind. For international travel to New Zealand remains prohibited until further notice.

Nevertheless, the images also give other countries cause for hope: they show that a return to normality is only a matter of time.

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