Mystery shopping is a two billion dollar industry

Mystery shopping is a two billion dollar industry online right now and is growing every year. The fact is that more and more companies are hiring outside of their business to see how their company is running.

They hire employees from agencies online who come to their websites and evaluate how the transaction took place. The information that these companies gain can help them improve their companies performance and attract new customers.

The way that the mystery shopping program works is that you sign up with an online agency that will put you in touch with companies looking for help with their business. Once you are hired on to do the job you may be asked to visit the storefront in person or online and rate your experience. You will be given the funds you need to make a purchase so you do not have to worry about laying out your own cash. You will visit the establishment and pay close attention to many things.

Your employer may want to see if you were approached by any employees for help, they may want to see if all the items in the store were clearly marked and they may also be concerned how you were treated at the register. You may be asked to evaluate how fast you were helped and if the employee was courteous to you. The online transactions work the same way where you would basically rate how your purchase was in the storefront and report back to your employer.

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