Is Dramacool legit? What are the Alternatives?

I always try to be aware of news of dramas and the like and reading the comments of many people I see that I am not the only one who is unhappy with certain pages who put ads in the middle of the doramas.

If that were not enough not one or two sometimes without exaggeration I have seen more than 10 ads in a single episode making a cut of the kick in the middle of the scene and to top it off in languages that I do not even understand as Arabic, German and many more. I will not deny that also falls like a bucket of cold water after waiting so long and you’re dying to see the next episode and that you have to wait even longer because the new episodes are only available for the paid accounts.

I understand that somehow these sites have to make money to survive and I don’t criticize them but as I always say why don’t they think about the simple mortals like us who are “poor and have a large family”, well maybe not so much but we still can’t give ourselves the privilege of having a premium account and not because we don’t want to but we just can’t. So I decided to surf the web and look for some alternatives or solutions to help you watch your doramas without so many ads and/or restrictions. So let’s start.

To start I was looking for other sites where you can watch doramas daily, in good quality, without ads and free and these are the sites I can recommend.


Dramacool is safe to use and a legit website! It is one of the most popular Dorama websites on the web.

At Dramacool you can find a great variety of Asian dramas and movies, with a decent quality plus they upload pretty fast new episodes with good translation. The episodes are of a single link, that is to say that it is not cut in parts, it is all in one shot. The only “bad” thing is that they only subtitle in English, for me it’s not bad but maybe for those who don’t speak English that good. Anyway I consider that the site is pretty good in their work so it is my first suggestion as a new alternative site to watch their dramas.

The second site is, a very good site where you can find dramas and movies from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

With good video quality and translation, in addition to uploading episodes fairly quickly, and of course everything is free and without ads. However there are some details why I consider it my second choice and it is not precisely because like the previous page is also in English but because the episodes are uploaded in parts, plus they can not advance the episode that is to say if they are in the 10th minute and the power goes out and later they want to start watching from the 10th minute they will not be able to do it they will have to watch it from the beginning. That can be a bit cumbersome but otherwise very good page.

Doramas TV

Doramas TV is the third recommendation because, all the episodes of dramas and movies that are uploaded are subtitled in many languages, medium quality video, no ads and all in one link, no cut episodes. (the multilingual portal Viki – some TV dramas are available in 50 language versions, many also in German – is domiciled in Singapore and operates with official licenses from the most important TV providers in South Korea; however, some content is regionally blocked or only accessible with a subscription)


And so those are my recommendations as you can see most of the sites are in English but very good and yet there is another one that is in Spanish for those who prefer it and as always all free and without ads. And for those who do not want to leave the custom of “Veki” well you see there you have a very useful plugin. Now if what you want is to change the region of your country because the site has restricted a drama for the region in which you live … well that’s another roll that is seen in the settings (which I may talk about later) but in my opinion is more complicated than changing the page or add a plugin to the browser.

Bonus Tip – Adblock Plus

And as a last alternative to the evil of the ads I recommend the plugin “Adblock Plus” whether you have as a browser Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. I’ve only tried it in these two browsers but so far has not given me any problem. By adding this plugin to your browser will block ads from both web pages and videos. Just add it and I have blocked so many ads that I just think the plugin is excellent. I was seeing on the web that there were people who installed the plugin and had issues. I honestly don’t know why because so far I haven’t had such problem, possibly because they have the “Adblock” plugin and not the “Adblock Plus” but however I can’t say for sure. From what I was reading if you have such problem all you have to do is refresh the page and then select the next episode by double clicking on it and that’s it, and that’s it. Although I hope that it doesn’t give you any problem when using the plugin.

About the Author: This article has been written by our author Jenny, who is a big fan of doramas, anime movies and asian culture in general. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, if you like.