How to win the lottery guaranteed?

Most of us spend our lives working a boring job, with almost no chance of getting ahead. Often we struggle to even pay our bills, let alone save enough money to retire comfortably. There is a way to break the cycle and change your life with one winning lottery ticket. Winning the lottery is very unlikely, but not impossible. Here are some things you could do to improve your chances.

How to win the lottery guaranteed?

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Make your odds better

  • First, play the games with the lowest number of balls if you want to win more often. The 5 ball games are the best, while the 6 ball games are a distant second. Do not play the 7 ball games if you want to win. Odds of having a winning lottery are much greater with the lower ball games.
  • Lottery games with lower amounts of numbers are always better. Some have 60 numbers, and some might have 35. The games with 35 have much better odds.
  • Do not ever play games where the winning numbers are generated by a computer. There is no way to tell if everything is on the up and up. Preferably the numbers should be chosen from ping pong balls in a barrel.
  • Never let the store where you buy your tickets pick your numbers for you. Relying on a system where you pick certain numbers is a better way to beat the odds and to end up with a winning lottery ticket.
  • One of the best and easiest ways to improve your odds is by concentrating on one game at a time, and buying as many tickets as possible. The more tickets you have, the better your odds are.

These are just basic things you can do to improve your odds. There are tons more you can add later if you get serious about winning lottery. There are systems out there that have proven to improve your chances of winning.

Lottery system

Here is a lottery system that can help you gain the best odds of winning. There is no way to be sure 100% that you will win the lottery, but this simple system can maximize your chances. There are no guarantees, but having an advantage over all other players is a big plus.

  • First, it is a very good idea, especially if you do not have that much money to spend, to play as a team or a pool. There are always better odds the more tickets you buy, so joining a pool of players to buy a bunch of tickets instead of just one increases odds tremendously. If the odds of winning are 1-in-20-million, then with a pool buying 10 tickets the odds improve.
  • Try not to pick too many numbers that are 31 or under. As you may or may not know, most people pick their birthdays when choosing numbers, and if you do happen to win you would have to split your winnings between a number of people. It is always better to try to be the sole winner to maximize your winnings.
  • If you have a lottery budget each week, such as $20, keep the small winnings and add them to your next weeks budget. This way each week you can end up increasing your odds of winning, and thus possibly hitting a big jackpot over time. This part of the lottery system is very important, and can be the catalyst that can bring you over the top.
  • Mid-week lottery draws are much better than weekend draws. The reason for this is that the winnings are usually the same, but only a fraction of the people play the mid-week lotteries.
  • The last part of the lottery system is the easiest to implement. Always look for the games with the best odds. Even if the winnings are not as big, do not be fooled. Better odds mean your returns will be better. It is all about the odds.

With this lottery system you give yourself a much better chance of winning than the rest of the general public. Sticking to this plan should eventually bring you at least some modest winnings, and hopefully bring you that big jackpot you have always worked toward.

How can i win the lottery guaranteed?

There are no guarantees when it comes to winning the lottery, but you can improve your chances. Every lottery chooses the winning numbers randomly, whether with ping pong balls or with a computer. This means there is no sure way to pick the correct numbers. Often there are trends that certain lottery magazines ask you to follow, but because these trends change from day to day, and the numbers chosen are truly random, this is not really a good idea. Random numbers means random numbers.Logically, this means you should choose numbers randomly. Picking numbers out at the moment you buy your tickets is probably the best way to do this; the first numbers that come to you will probably be the best ones.

Following one of these methods to choose your numbers is a good way to improve your odds. There is no way to guarantee a win, but making your odds better is definitely important. There is no reason to play the lottery in a lazy manner; i.e. letting the computer picking your numbers and praying for a win. The lottery is like anything else in life; with a little knowledge your chances of success are much better.

Avoid this three mistakes

There are many pieces of advice when it comes to how to win a lottery, but many people make mistakes that can easily be avoided.

  1. First, do not rely purely on luck and pick better numbers.The lottery is not only about luck, it is also about probabilities.
  2. Second, it is not necessary to be good at math to win the lottery. This is a huge mistake, and many people do not even attempt to play because of it. The methods that help to win the lottery do not take math skills; they are often very easy to understand after reading them once or twice; almost all of these methods are available online if you just do a simple search on Google.
  3. The third mistake that people make is thinking that just by buying more tickets their odds will improve and they will win. Just buying more tickets without knowing what else goes into it will not win you the lottery. Buying more tickets can improve your odds, but only if you do other things along with it.

While there are no known methods that guarantee a lottery win, there are many methods that can improve your odds significantly. Doing a little bit of research online can help you gain advantages that the rest of the playing public does not have. You may not win the big jackpot, but you will win the small pots a lot more consistently.

Tips to win lottery games

win the lottoTo win lottery games, you need to first understand that they are games of probability. Now, the probability of getting all numbers correct in a single drawing is very small. That’s a fact. For most lotteries, the chances of winning are one in at least a hundred million.

1. Pick hot numbers. Most state-run lotteries have websites where you can look up previous drawings. Some of these go back a few years. The longer, the better. If you want to win lottery games, one thing you can do is see which numbers seem to get drawn more than others. Statistically speaking, all the numbers should be drawn the same amount over time. But if you look at what actually happens, you’ll see that some numbers tend to get drawn a lot. Stick to picking “hot numbers” to raise the odds that you will win lottery games.

2. Avoid cold numbers. Just as some numbers get drawn a lot more than they should, other number rarely if ever get drawn. These numbers should never be picked if you plan to win lottery games. There’s always the chance that one may be drawn. But you are better off selecting a number that has been drawn 20 times over the past year as opposed to one that has been drawn just once.

3. Never pick all-odd or all-even numbers. When picking numbers, we sometimes just pick whatever comes to mind. If you look back at numbers that were drawn, you’d be hard-pressed to find a time when all-odd numbers or all-even numbers have come up. To win lottery games, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t do this.

4. Pick pairs. For those that study ways on how to win lottery games, an interesting trend is discovered. Again, based on mathematics and probability, every number should be drawn the same number of times. However, along with some numbers being drawn more than others, there’s also the mysterious event of some numbers being drawn together with certain others. So almost every time a 3 gets drawn, so does a 9. It’s unexplainable, but it happens. To increase the chance to win lottery games, you’ll need to study past drawings and try to identify any “winning pairs” that you see.

5. Dreams. It’s amazing to think about how many people win lottery games by getting the numbers in a dream. This has nothing to do with mathematics. There are stories of people going to bed and then asking God, or angels, or spirits, to give them the numbers to win lottery games. And guess what? There have been numerous cases where they got exactly that. If you want to win lottery games, in doesn’t hurt to ask for the numbers the next time you go to sleep. Just be sure to have a pen and paper handy to write down the numbers when you wake up.

When it comes to the ability to win lottery games, there are no guarantees. The odds of winning are miniscule. That being said, there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances. You can learn a lot about the lottery you want to win just by looking at past drawings. And if nothing else be sure to meditate on your desire to have the winning numbers sent you you while you are dreaming. Like the famous New York lottery motto of the 1990’s states: “Hey, you never know?”.

What would you do first?

So many people have thought about what they would do. Would you quit your job right away? Or would you stay working? What would you buy first? If you won the lottery, maybe you would buy a car first. A Lamborghini? Ferrari? Cadillac? Rolls Royce? Or maybe one of each.

Would you tell your friends and family right away or would you wait? Some people love the idea of telling their friends and family and sharing the wealth. Many people would like to buy homes for their elderly parents, or send their kids to the best colleges, or buy cars for all their friends.

But people also worry about all the people who would come to them asking for money. So many lottery winners talk about how their mailboxes get jam-packed full of letters, some from people they don’t even know, asking for money for various things. What would you do? Would you give everyone money? Or would you keep it all to yourself?

A lot of people find that it would be very difficult to have to deal with so many people asking them for money. And there are also people who prey on lottery winners as well, people who scam them and try to take their money. You have to be very careful with your money, or you could finds it gone almost more quickly than you won it.

But it sure is nice to dream about it. The sky certainly is the limit. You could buy a yacht, and sail it around the world. You could travel all around the world, staying in the best hotels. You could go to the grocery store and buy anything you wanted, and not have to worry about if you have enough money to pay for it. Sometimes it’s the little things about having a lot of money that are the most appealing.

What are the chances to win?

There are scratchers as well. But the main lottery games are the ones where they have a series of numbers that are drawn every week or every few days. They spin the wheel and then the little balls roll out into their slots and as the numbers line up, you get to see which numbers are the ones that win that day’s lottery. The Lottery is purely a game of chance. No one knows what numbers will be chosen. What that means is that every number has the exact same chance of being called every time the lottery wheel is spun. It never changes from week to week.

For example, here is a situation that may help you understand. Say you have a quarter. You flip the quarter and it comes up either heads or tails. That means that your chance of getting heads is 1 in 2, or a 50% chance. The chance of getting tails is also 1 in 2, or 50% chance.

Let’s say that you flip the quarter three times and you get heads each time. The next time you flip the quarter, what are the odds you will get heads? Think about that for a moment. Okay, it’s a trick question a little bit. The odds of getting heads is exactly the same every time, no matter how many times you did (or didn’t) get heads before. Does that make sense?

It is the same way with the lottery. What are the chances that the number 44 will get chosen? Well, the chances are the same as they are every time the game is played. Every time the lottery is played, everything sort of zeros out and the chance of getting one number or the other is exactly the same.

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You have to find what is lucky for you

lotteryYour kind of luck or what is lucky for you may be different than what someone else thinks is lucky for them. You can use what you think is lucky or maybe you want to see what is lucky for others and see if it works for you.

First, and most obviously, do you have a lucky number? Do you have more than one lucky number? Most people at some time in their lives have lucky numbers. Maybe it was the number of your baseball jersey when you were playing little league. Maybe it was a number that helped you win a prize when you were a kid. Maybe it is a number from your childhood phone number. Perhaps you just like some numbers better than other numbers. It’s all about what you find to be lucky.

Another decision you need to make is if you are going to use the same number every week or a different set of numbers every time? Whichever you choose, the odds are the same. Some people pick a set of numbers and never deviate from them. Week after week, they play the same numbers over and over again.

There is a story that maybe you have heard, about the man who played the lottery faithfully every week for many years. He played the exact same numbers every time. One week, he didn’t make it to the store in time to get his lottery ticket. Well, wouldn’t you know it, that week of all weeks in the history of the lottery, this man’s numbers were all picked. Can you imagine how devastating that was for him?

So make sure you decide how you’re going to play. There always seems to be strange and interesting stories that surround the lottery. There is also the story of the woman who managed to win the lottery twice – the odds of that are beyond astronomical. How did she do it? Did she have more luck than anyone else? Were the stars aligned in her favor? No one really knows, but if you get a certain “feeling” about numbers, it is good to play them.

Some people also save their fortune cookie fortune slips, because on the bottom of them there are usually lucky numbers. Some people play those numbers as their lottery numbers.

Other people are not so sure of their own luck, so they go to psychics and ask them for lucky numbers and then play them in the lottery. Of course, the question always is, if the psychic is so good at picking lottery numbers then why doesn’t he or she pick themselves lucky numbers to win the lottery? And if they pick losing numbers does that mean they are a bad psychic? Maybe, maybe not.

Go with your instinct

The best way to win the lottery is to go with your instinct, because it is the only tool you have in playing the lottery that can put you ahead of anyone else. Go with your gut.

There are some people who dream about numbers, and when they wake up they write their dream numbers down. This is how they win the lottery. They keep a journal of all their dreams, and try to remember if any numbers show up in their dreams. The numbers don’t have to be actual numbers, necessarily. If you dream of numbers of things, for example, seeing three boats, you can write down the number three as possibly being one of your lucky numbers.

Or, you can see what numbers you notice throughout the day as you go about your business. Maybe a number will catch your eye from a license plate, or from a billboard, or from a book you are reading or a receipt. Some people will keep track of what their total comes to at stores and use those numbers when they play the lottery.

Some people will spend the day asking other people what the first number that comes to their mind is. Then they write it down until they have enough numbers to write in the lottery ticket. Other people just try to guess numbers really fast, before they have time to really think about them, and see which lottery numbers come out. Try it, you might be surprised what numbers come out.

Another method of playing the lottery is choosing different numbers every time. Some people don’t like to use the same numbers always, and shake it up a bit by choosing a fresh set of numbers every time.

Pray to win?

A lot of people rely on prayer. Prayer is a wonderful thing to do in any situation, and the miracles that come from praying are pretty amazing. One of the best things about prayer is that it certainly doesn’t hurt anything to do it. It’s totally harmless. You can pray to win the lottery to whatever being or deity you worship and see what happens.

Sometimes people take their lottery tickets to be blessed, or they have certain items that have been blessed at home and they keep their lottery ticket there, near the blessed items.


You can also use numerology to pick your numbers. The study of numerology goes back centuries. Numerology is a study of numbers that attributes certain properties to certain numbers. Many people learn numerology and use it when they are picking lottery numbers.

There are also a ton of “lucky number generators” all over the web. These programs are ways that people can pick random numbers to put on their lottery tickets. The programs are just computer programs that randomly generate a series of numbers. They come out with a different set of numbers every time for every person.

Truly, the world is a strange and mysterious place. No one really knows for sure what makes someone more lucky than another person. So much of life is about being in the right place at the right time. It is a big mystery.

Some people are able to tap into their feelings well enough to realize when they are feeling more lucky than other times. Some people believe they have “lucky” days and “unlucky” days and only play the lottery or pick their lottery numbers when they are having a lucky day.

Some people use their intuition to guide them, and just do what feels right and what feels lucky. They get the lottery paper and move their finger or pencil over the numbers, and they pick a number if they get a certain feeling or jolt when their finger or pencil is over a certain number. This is how they pick their numbers.

Whatever method you choose – good luck to you!

Watch The Story Of Peter Lustig – A REAL 7 Time Lottery Winner

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