How To Find Your Wells Fargo Routing Number

As one of the largest banks in the United States, Wells Fargo has more than 13,000 ATMs and 5,400 branches across the country. So if you’re a Wells Fargo customer and you’ve recently moved, it can be a little difficult to find the routing number associated with your account. So what’s that number for?

Well, without it you can’t make transactions like direct deposits or fund transfers, so it’s definitely very, very important to know it. In fact, looking for the Wells Fargo routing number, as well as that of any bank, can be a hassle, especially for people who have never used it. But don’t worry, today you will learn how to do it.

Simply put, there are three easy ways you can find the routing number associated with your Wells Fargo bank account:

  • In a list of routing numbers by state.
  • On a personal check.
  • By calling customer service.

Option #1 – List

  • Alabama 062000080
  • Alaska 125200057
  • Arizona 122105278
  • Arkansas 111900659
  • California 121042882
  • Colorado 102000076
  • Connecticut 021101108
  • Delaware 031100869
  • Florida 063107513
  • Georgia 061000227
  • Hawaii 121042882
  • Idaho 124103799
  • Illinois 071101307
  • Indiana 074900275
  • Iowa 073000228
  • Kansas 101089292
  • Kentucky 121042882
  • Louisiana 121042882
  • Maine 121042882
  • Maryland 055003201
  • Massachusetts 121042882
  • Michigan 091101455
  • Minnesota 091000019
  • Mississippi 062203751
  • Missouri 113105449
  • Montana 092905278
  • Nebraska 104000058
  • Nevada 321270742
  • New Hampshire 121042882
  • New Jersey 021200025
  • New Mexico 107002192
  • New York 026012881
  • North Carolina 053000219
  • North Dakota 091300010
  • Ohio 041215537
  • Oklahoma 121042882
  • Oregon 123006800
  • Pennsylvania 031000503
  • Rhode Island 121042882
  • South Carolina 053207766
  • South Dakota 091400046
  • Tennessee 064003768
  • Texas 111900659
  • Texas – El Paso 112000066
  • Utah 124002971
  • Vermont 121042882
  • Virginia 051400549
  • Washington 125008547
  • Washington, D.C. 054001220
  • West Virginia 121042882
  • Wisconsin 075911988
  • Wyoming 102301092

Option #2 – Finding the Wells Fargo routing number on a personal check

This is another extremely easy way to look up the routing number of Wells Fargo, as well as any bank, and all you need is to have your checkbook handy. In fact, this is why most HR departments request a voided check to set up direct deposit, since they want to be able to get the necessary information from the check itself, avoiding any inconvenience that might be caused by, say, providing the wrong number.

As you can see in the image, the ABA routing number is the nine-digit number at the bottom left of the check. In this sense, the routing number for Wells Fargo, as well as any bank, will always consist of nine digits, never more or less, and you can confirm that yours is correct by looking it up in the table above or by using the American Bankers Association’s routing number lookup tool. Something we find curious is that you can confirm the validity of the format of any ABA routing number with just the number itself, but this is something we’re going to teach you how to do later. The check number is the last set of numbers, as well as the shortest. In truth, this number is of minor importance, as its only function is to help you keep track of your checks and transactions.

Option #3 – Contact Wells Fargo to get your routing number

In this case, there are two ways to do this:

  • Through a form on their website, in which you’ll need to enter information such as the type of account and the state where you opened it. In fact, we have obtained the numbers in the table above using this tool.
  • If you don’t remember what state you were in when you first opened the account and don’t have a check handy, you can call Wells Fargo to ask a customer service representative for your ABA routing number. The phone number is 1-800-869-3557 and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What is the Wells Fargo routing number?

The Wells Fargo routing number is a unique nine-digit number that is usually found on the bottom of a check and identifies the financial institution where it was issued or printed. The routing number, also known as an American Bankers Association (ABA) number, is used to maintain an account and transfer money from one account to another. As mentioned above, the ABA routing number for your Wells Fargo account will depend on the state in which you opened the account. To find the one that applies to you, all you have to do is take a look at the table below.

Why are there so many Wells Fargo routing numbers?

After looking at this table you are probably wondering, why does Wells Fargo have so many routing numbers? Well, that’s because the bank, over the course of its history, has merged with and acquired other smaller financial institutions, in the process maintaining the original financial infrastructure and simply building on top of it. Wells Fargo & Company was founded in the mid-19th century, so they’ve had plenty of time to acquire other banks over the years.

What is Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo & Company is one of the world’s most successful U.S. multinational banking and financial holding companies. Founded in 1852, Wells Fargo offers numerous services and products to make financial life easier for its customers. In this sense, and as we have mentioned, knowing the routing number associated with your bank account is of utmost importance, since having it speeds up the process of making banking transactions such as fund transfers.

How do routing numbers work?

As we have seen throughout this article, routing numbers are a very important component of the overall banking system. To better understand how they work, let’s explore how they originated, how they work, and their importance. The American Banking Association initially created routing numbers to make check processing more secure and manageable. It was a way to uniquely identify the payor bank, and was used to assure the person receiving a check that they would get the money promised from the payor bank. The first Federal Reserve digits were added to each bank’s routing number. The Federal Reserve routing symbol identified the type of institution and the Federal Reserve district where the account was opened. Routing numbers were later used in electronic check cashing networks in the 1960s, which helped speed check processing.

Why is the routing number important?

The Wells Fargo routing number is an extremely important code, as you need it to be able to perform different banking transactions. If you want to send money, you need to use your bank’s branch information, as well as verify that the information is correct. In this order of ideas, it is necessary that you know the name of the state where you opened the account, as well as the type of account. Routing numbers are also vital for IRAs, prepaid cards and savings accounts, and can be used to identify financial institutions when making other transfers, such as bill payment, check processing and Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposits. In fact, the American Bankers Association (ABA) usually manages the official routing number registry.

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