20 websites to watch Korean and Japanese Doramas

The term “Dorama” refers to locally produced live-action television series in both Japan and Korea, which usually contain 20 to 30 episodes and are part of the daily shows, as they are equivalent to soap operas. Thus, Doramas based on romance, drama, comedy, horror, etc. can be found.

Nowadays, thanks to the ease of finding this type of series on the Internet and their translations, Doramas have become more widely accepted by many people in other countries, including Spain. For this reason, they have become a hobby that has dazzled a remarkable public.

That is why many users are interested in knowing where they can watch Korean and Japanese Doramas that are already subtitled in Spanish, since it is difficult to enjoy these series directly from the cable TV signal. Therefore, in the present post, we let you know the main websites from where you can keep updated with the newest and most fascinating Doramas.

Since the Internet has become the main and most ideal tool to watch online content that is usually not available on conventional television, there are numerous entertainment options available to users today. Among these options, one of the most popular is undoubtedly Japanese and Korean dramas.

For this reason, we have listed the best 20 websites from where you can enjoy these series with excellent quality and without lag (delay or delay for playback); taking into account that a large number of Spaniards are now fans of these productions:


Another one of the best online platforms that you can visit to enjoy Korean and Chinese content is Dramacool which has been ranked as one of the most recognized and varied websites available today. Considering that, all the content it provides to its users is of Asian origin.

On the other hand, one of the best advantages of this website is that it provides several search options in order to optimize the experience of its users. Thanks to this, once you start browsing the platform, you will be able to get your desired Doramas in alphabetical order, by date of publication, by popularity or from the search engine available at the top. It also stores several well-known movies.

Doramas Premiers

This website has a wide variety of Japanese, Korean and Chinese dramas. Among its main advantages, we find that it exhibits a nice, intuitive and organized interface design, it also provides excellent translations in Spanish and so you can always be informed about its updates, it offers push notifications on your cell phone about any news (an episode, a new Dorama, etc.).

In addition, if you are one of those users who prefer to watch series directly from your smartphone, this website can satisfy you thanks to the special options it offers in its chapters so that they can be watched with the highest possible quality from any mobile. In addition to this, the chapters load very quickly, so the site almost never lags. However, as a disadvantage, we note that during the experience often pop-up windows (or pop-up ads) that become annoying and can get in the way.


DoramasMp4.com is another one of the best websites to watch Doramas subtitles in different languages, mainly because of the diversity of Korean, Chinese and Japanese series hosted there. Besides, it also has availability of variety programs of great renown, such as: Real Men 300, Idol Room, Weekly Idol, etc. As well as movies of great interest from the Asian continent. This means that it is one of the sites with the widest variety of online content.

On the other hand, the website allows you to download series in mp4 format easily, shows a great loading speed of the series episodes, guarantees a good subtitling, both its design and its organization is truly formidable and even DoramasMp4 is an ideal platform to interact through comments within the page. But, unfortunately, it contains commercials during the broadcasting of the episodes and before enjoying the Dorama you want, you will have to watch advertising in order not to pay.

Drama World

As another alternative of interest, we point out this web page that is characterized by offering a great image quality in all the online series of Korean origin that it provides. Taking into account that most of the dramas it provides are dubbed into Latin Spanish and exhibits an organized and visually attractive page design.

Now, among its main advantages, we highlight that it does not contain annoying advertisements that may hinder the experience of its users and, in addition to this, it manages a subscription option from which its fans can receive the latest news from the page to enjoy all the available content. But, unlike the other alternatives, Mundo Drama has a smaller variety of Doramas from Korea.


Among practically all the websites available to watch Asian Doramas, Viki is considered the best platform to watch this type of content with English subtitles. Since, its collection of series is absolutely huge, thanks to the fact that it belongs to the company Rakuten and, as if that were not enough, it has a mobile app so that its users can watch all the series they want directly from the mobile or on a tablet. In addition, the video quality it offers is comparable to that found on renowned platforms such as Netflix and HBO.

It also provides good subtitling and displays an impeccable design. However, the speed of the page can be improved, i.e., it is not as good as it should be for a website based on Korean, Japanese and Chinese Doramas online. Taking into account that, every 7 minutes you will receive advertising on each content, if you don’t have the VIKI PASS (a membership that is purchased to enjoy all the features of the website).

Doramas HD

Although it is a website with a very simple interface, it can also be included among the list of the best options there are to watch series of Korean origin online and for free. Valuing that, thanks to the fact that it is very well categorized, it facilitates its use from the mobile to enjoy all the available content. In addition, the subtitles it provides are of great quality and the chapters load quickly, in most cases.

In addition to this, it has chapters dubbed in Latin Spanish directly and is cataloged as an ideal alternative for all users who are inclined to watch old dramas. But, as not everything can be perfect, we also highlight that this platform does not have a notification button and shows many pop-up ads during the experience. In addition, it is not an opportune option for those who want to watch new K-dramas, because of its lack of variety.


While it is true, another of the best rated and best known websites on the Internet to watch Doramas online subtitled in Spanish, is MasDoramas, which has also been identified as “Veodoramas”. Since, it is a platform that has all kinds of known genres (and not known too); thus, the number of series hosted on the web is remarkable. In addition to this, the chapters load at an optimal speed and are of great quality, the design of the page is good and is well sectioned.

However, it does not allow watching the series in full screen and, for that reason, it is said that it is not the best solution to enjoy this content from a cell phone or tablet. Additionally, it exhibits the disadvantage that it shows excessive advertising and this, at times, can be very annoying for users.


With an extensive catalog of Chinese, Japanese and Korean dramas, this website is also considered another suitable option for fans of the Doramas that are all the rage. Since all the chapters of these series are available in HD quality, it has translations in several languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese) with high quality subtitles, Doramas are available in Latin audio and the interface design is very clean, making it very easy to navigate the site.

On the other hand, the loading speed of the episodes of all the Doramas it hosts is really fast, it has a mobile application to maximize the user experience and offers a section on the website where users can request the site to upload the Asian drama they want. It is worth noting that, fortunately, it contains very few advertisements.


If you want to watch a lot of Dorama series and movies from South Korea, China, Japan and other Asian countries, this website can also work for you to enjoy different options directly from your computer or cell phone. It even has an app available for Android devices, which offers a more convenient way to browse the site.

However, like the vast majority of websites of this type, Dramago also has a high number of advertisements that can be totally annoying to view the available content. But, despite this, it exhibits a very well-organized interface.


It consists of a website that also has a great prestige on the Internet, when it comes to the transmission of series of Asian origin. Since it has been established for a long time and at the moment of accessing the content, it does not show so much intrusive publicity neither in the inserted players nor in the web page as such. For this reason, it is the preferred alternative for many users in the world.

In that sense, DramasJC has a good translation team, it has an intuitive design and thanks to that, it is very easy to navigate through it and enter the different categories of dramas available. It also provides a remarkable speed when loading episodes and, in short, it offers a varied catalog of series to suit all tastes. It should be noted that it contains a search engine that makes browsing the web even easier.


Although it has a similar name to the website mentioned above, it is actually another platform that hosts Korean and Japanese content with Spanish subtitles and free of charge. Thus, highlighting its main pros, it is appropriate to note that it has a great design and offers a very effective search mode, since apart from being fast, it is very specific so that you can get the drama you want quickly.

On the other hand, DramasMP4 also guarantees a very fast loading with respect to the chapters of each K-drama, it sends you notifications (if you wish) to receive periodically all the updates of the website and, to enjoy a better experience when watching the series, you can use dark backgrounds (it improves concentration and does not negatively influence the users’ sight). However, its Doramas catalog is not so extensive and, due to the pop-up advantages it displays, it can block browsing at times.


Nowadays, Netflix is one of the main ways to watch online content and, thanks to the remarkable variety it provides, it has been weighted as one of the most important entertainment websites, even above conventional television. That is why, this platform could not be left behind and, currently, it contains Korean and Japanese series or “Doramas” available.

However, Netflix does not host much content of this type currently, as there is little audience for this streaming platform that is now incentivized by viewing content produced in Korea and Japan. In addition, it is not a free service at all, but only allows you to access a 30-day free trial.


This is a non-profit website that hosts and allows you to enjoy a remarkable amount of content for all those users who love Asian productions. Among such content, you can find the following: Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas and even dramas on air. All you have to do is access the “Drama” section, choose the one you prefer and search for the specific series you want to watch.

In addition to this, LatinAsiaxEver also has a wide variety of movies, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai and even Indian movies. So, you will have plenty of titles to entertain you from wherever and whenever you want. In addition, you can register on the site and even download some content and get interesting information about each series, soap opera and movie.


For a long time, this website was considered the center of all Japanese, Korean and Asian dramas; so, once you access the platform, you will find a remarkable variety of content of great interest and best of all, it is totally free. One of its biggest pros is that it has a user-friendly design that makes it easy for the user to search for any series, either by genre or by country (Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and some others).

Likewise, NewAsianTV provides a section dedicated to movies, solely and exclusively, which you will be able to search depending on the year of publication; taking into account that, there is availability from 2014 to 2018 and for that reason, it is not considered such an updated section. However, due to some malfunctions about the IP address, some viewers will not be able to access this site because of its location.


To conclude, we highlight this online site that is based on K-drama streaming and thanks to that, it can offer you an extensive catalog of various Chinese, Korean and Japanese dramas. Taking into account that, from its main page, it identifies each of the series contained by their country of origin through a small label located on the left side. In general, these series are subtitled in Spanish.

On the other hand, it should be noted that its interface makes it very easy to browse and search for the respective drama series, so that users can enjoy the content in the shortest possible time. Likewise, you will be able to start the search through the indicated bar or alphabetically. However, GoodDrama is also characterized for having many interruptions when playing the videos, due to the annoying commercials displayed in each series and soap opera.


While it is true, so far in 2020, this online platform has gained remarkable popularity in the world and has become one of the favorite websites for fans of Korean and Japanese Doramas. Taking into account that, apart from that, it is a site that hosts a great variety of content, such as: anime, series, movies, etc.

It is worth mentioning that AnsianCrush has a blog that is kept active and from which it is possible to interact with other users and find out about the latest releases. Also, it is necessary to distinguish that, it is a totally free website in which you must register to access the available content without limitations.


Although it is not the website with the widest variety of Dorama-based content, it does host some Korean dramas that other well-known platforms (such as Viki) do not contain. For this reason, it is a good option if you want to find many more alternatives to enjoy from the comfort of your computer, online.

However, it should be noted that, since it is a platform that takes intellectual property and its legitimacy very seriously, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to be able to access all the content. Taking into account that it also provides a News section to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of Doramas, as well as a Games section to enjoy during your free time.


This is a web based streaming service that has some similarities with Netflix. This means that it not only contains Korean and Japanese Doramas, but also hosts content from other categories that ensure a complete entertainment to all its users.

On the other hand, it stands out for offering an extensive catalog of Doramas and, thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy the most renowned ones. It is worth mentioning that it is a purely subscription service, but it offers a free trial for a certain period of time. In addition, it currently has a mobile app.


Basically, this website is a streaming service that has a wide range of Korean and Japanese dramas, as well as Korean movies and much more high quality Asian content. Therefore, if you are a fan of productions from that continent, this website is ideal for you.

Among its most interesting features, we find that it has a clean and easy-to-use interface, contains a fast-loading player, supports HD streaming and allows you to enjoy a 30-day free trial period (after that time, you will have to pay a subscription). However, it only provides English subtitles.


Finally, we recommend you to take into account this other website that has been listed as one of the best sources available to play an extensive catalog of amazing Korean dramas, specifically. Considering that, it hosts the latest dramas released and also provides renowned Asian movies.

In addition to that, thanks to the excellent quality and assistance provided by this website, it has gained a great reputation in the industry over the past few years and thus, it guarantees good technical support. However, its subtitles are only available in English and it is a paid service (around 5 euros per month).